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Stray Cat Rescue is very full at the moment along with the kittens in foster homes. Please do not encourage breeders and pet shops to continue breeding cats when there are so many in rescue centrers without homes. Please tell friends and family to adopt rather than buy to help stop the problem of unwanted cats and kittens. Remember to neuter your kitten so you do not find yourself with a litter of kittens on your hands. For more information about neutering visit the cat carepage or contact your local vet.
Open Day 2011 Report
On 18 September we held our 2 Annual Open Day at the shelter near Toddington. It was an enormous success with lots of people attending and supporting us, and from what I saw everybody had a good time even though we did have one spell of heavy rain when we all had to take shelter in the tents, gazebos and marquee.  
So many people were involved in making this such a success, far too many to single out and thank individually. Organisers were assigned to every section and everybody did their bit excellently. The behind the scenes jobs done included things like sending out the invitations, producing flyers, name badges, direction signs, checking our insurance for the day, organising car parking, getting together the participants, stock for the stalls and food and drink items. Plus of course, the big job of obtaining, then getting together and erecting the marquee, the tables etc, and the booking and obtaining of the Portaloo. The only thing we couldn’t control was the weather, and even though we did have a bit of rain it didn’t really have any adverse effect on the day. The team spirit was brilliant, and it was great to be involved in my small part in bringing it all together, and it was especially great that there was such a big turnout of supporters and guests to make it all so worthwhile.
The day had several purposes; to enable supporters and visitors to see our shelter and look around and see how we are set up, and see some of the cats in our care awaiting re-homing, for us to be able to say thank you to our supporters and give them an enjoyable few hours out, and also as a fund raising event.
We met all our aims, lots of people came, had a good time, spent money, and gave a much needed boost to our funds....thank you to everybody for this.
We had a lot of Stalls and participants this year. We had Alix a clairvoyant/Tarot Reader/Palmist who did various private readings and donated a portion of her profits to our funds. We had Sanctuary Angels who did soothing and relaxing hand and foot massage and also donated money and their time. We also had a stall run by Julia Boness Veterinary Practise giving advice and assistance.
We had a number of stalls selling various items which included a book stall, a jam stall, a well stocked and yummy cake stall with lots of lovely home made cakes, a stall selling various Stray Cat Rescue items, a Pagan/New Age stall, and our new goods at discount prices stall. We also had a raffle with a lot of very good value prizes, and a tombola table positively groaning under the weight of prizes to be won, add to this the Guess the name of the Teddy Bear stall, and the Cat Desert Island game and this gave everyone the chance to try their luck at something, and I should think a lot of people went away having won at least one prize on something.
Nobody had any excuse for going hungry, because as well as the previously mentioned cake stall we had a Burger Stall providing delicious Burgers and Bacon Rolls, and next to that you could get a very satisfying cup of tea, coffee or juice to have with it from our drinks stall.
Simon Tofield, our patron attended as usual, and he circulated and chatted with many people, and helped to draw the raffle. A signed copy of his book was one of the major prizes in the tombola, which sadly I didn’t win.
I don’t want to lose track of the fact that this open day was to help the cats in our care, a lot of people managed to see the cats in the pens, assisted by our pen marshals, and  a direct result of the open day was that six cats were found homes, a wonderful result. Plus of course we made a considerable amount of money to help with things like vet bills, cat food and cat litter, for this once again many thanks.  
I know I said that there were too many people to thank individually, but there is one person I wish to name here, that is our tireless Fund Raising Officer, Sue Lang. Without funds we would have great difficulty doing all that we do, and at the Open Day a nice bouquet of flowers was given to Sue to show our appreciation of what she does.
Stray Cat Rescue continues to go from strength to strength, even in this recession we are all going through, please keep supporting us and we promise to keep helping the homeless and unwanted cats to find homes. See you again at next year’s Open Day, if not before.
Very Sincerely,
Peter Devine, Chairman SCR.          
More kitten have come in please check the kitten page for more information.
A great result this week as six cats were re homed!
Can you re home Friendly Fred? see our cats of the month page for more information.
KITTENS GALORE!!!We have in excess of 20 kittens in care at the moment all urgently in need of kind loving homes, some born in care, their mum abandoned when pregnant, some found living rough with their mums, all the mums are friendly and very grateful for the care we have given them, obviously abandoned as they’re not feral. Two kittens taken in recently were found in a rabbit hutch on an abandoned gypsy site along with their two already dead siblings both close to death themselves, at the moment we’re keeping our fingers crossed and they seem to be making progress towards a recovery. Fleur a pure white four month old was dumped out of a car in a road in Luton, luckily for her someone saw it happen, took her in and called us, when she first arrived she was dirty,thin, very depressed and wouldn’t eat, now she is snowy white, very lively, very affectionate and would love a home of her own.The photographs on the KITTENS page are just some of the kittens we have available at the moment.
We had a great day at the May fayer and raised lots of money to help the cats.
It was a long day for all the volunteers involved but they got there in the end.
New cat pens going up on Sunday 27th February creating more space for more homeless cats. 
Even through the bad conditions volunteers still turn up to feed and clean!!
Stray Cat Rescue had a great result at Flitwick on Saturday. This was a brilliant result and thank you to everyone who helped.
Thank you to the Jean Sainsbury Trust for their donation. A huge help and a massive Thank you.
 A brilliant result from the stall at Leighton Buzzard on Saturday! 
Ten beautiful cats in need of a home were all photographed this morning and you can find them on are cats of the month page. Check this page regularly to find the cats most in need of loving homes.
5 beautiful healthy kittens came in this morning.
Sadly Milky past away this morning a lovely female who has been at the centre a year.
Preparations for the Leighton Buzzard fund raising stall on the 27th November takes place. Photos to follow!
5 cats re homed this week!
Two new pens have been donated to Stray Cat Rescue enabling us to house even more cats.
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