Lost and Found

Lost a cat?
  • If your cat is microchipped, ring the chip company on the     paperwork and report your cat as missing. Inform all local shelters and vets of your missing cats details and chip number. Notify the microchip company that your cat is lost. Make sure the contact details on the microchip are up to date.
  • Lost cats are often nearby, but disorientated or trapped. So put flyers through all neighboring houses doors, asking them to check sheds and garages. Also put up posters.
  • Familiar smells and sounds can help your cat find its way home. So empty the hoover in the garden, put the litter tray in the garden and hang dirty washing on the line. Go out calling your cats name and shaking a bag of treats or tapping a tin of food with a fork. Do this early morning and late evening. Put a warm tin of tuna or smelly food by the windowsill.
  • Check the found section of the following websites and list your cat as lost: AnimalSearchUK.co.uk and UKMissingPetRegister
  • Ring local councils asking if any cats have been hit by cars. It's not nice but can save a lot of worry and searching. And not all councils will scan or report deceased cats.
Found a cat?
  • If it is ill, bring it indoors and get it to a vet or shelter asap. They will give it any urgent treatment it needs and scan it for a chip to reunite it with its owner. Even if it is not chipped it will be easier for the owner to find by ringing round local vets and shelters.Even if it turns out not to be lost or stray. A sick cat needs your help. 
  • If the cat appears well fed and healthy, do not feed it. But if it appears very skinny feeding it may save its life. 
  • Remember collarless cats that appear homeless may have an owner. Put a paper collar on the cat and write 'this cat visits me, is he yours?' and put your phone number on it. This will rule out that the cat is not just visiting other houses despite having  a home. Put up found posters and ask neighbors if they know this cat.
  • If there is no response take the cat to vet to be scanned for a chip, or ask a shelter to trap the cat and scan it.
  • Check the lost sections of these websites and list the cat as found: AnimalSearchUK.co.uk & UKMissingPetRegister Also try local lost/found groups on facebook, e.g.Cats-Lost, found and stolen-Bedfordshire.
  • Please note that when you find a cat you believe to be ill, lost or homeless, you may be that cats only chance at being reunited with its owner, getting vet care, finding a new home etc. If you bring a stray into your home please please do not let it out again until a shelter or vet or its owner collects it. Especially if the cat is not neutered, letting it out again creates hundreds more feral cats to suffer the homeless life. 

Please get in touch:
Email tamlynmills@hotmail.com or message our facebook page if you have lost or found a cat. 
Provide the following information when you get in contact:
Lost: Name? Male or female? Neutered? Breed? Colour? Microchipped? Wearing a collar? Distinctive features? Last seen when/where? Contact details?
Found: Breed? Colour? Collar? Neutered? Gender? Found where/when? Contact details?


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