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Happy Endings 
Our favourite page, the cats that were once in our care that have found happy homes through our re homing sceme....
Samuel stayed at Stray Cat Rescue almost a year after being found in a ladies garden in Luton as a kitten.  When my partner and I decided a cat would make the home complete I didn't quite have visions of this little menace.
      On viewing the cats Samuel shot out the pen and was climbing the walls desperate to explore and play. I attempted to stroke him only to have a paw slap my hand away, I tried again only to be met by the same response. He didn't exactly sell himself very well. So I paid attention to some of the friendlier cats whilst my partner kept entertained with Samuel's boisterous play.
      After a lot of thought and a little convincing from my partner we decided Samuel needed to be given a chance as he was unlikely to find a home with his selling tactics.
      Home check complete and very excited we set out to collect Samuel. This time he was really playing up and my daydreams of a purring cat curled up on my lap were quickly fading away. A little more persuasion from my partner that Samuel needed a chance the most, and the pretty tabby meowing and purring around my legs would find a home no problem, and the deed was done.
     The boisterous lion arrived at his new home and was as scared as anything hiding under the bed for a good few hours, even allowing occasional strokes when he popped his head out to see his new world.
     We have had Samuel, who we renamed Tigga, for 5 months now and I wouldn't change him for the world. He's definetly the quirkiest cat I've ever owned and has a biculiar fascination with gloves and pigeon feathers. He's turned out to be a real softie and loves a lap and a fuss. He still bites (not hard)  and plays up  from time to time but its his way of communicating after all he had once been a stray! Thanks to Stray Cat Rescue and Tigga for making my house a home.
We took Matthew from Stray Cat Rescue around a year ago now, he now goes by the name of Feilx, and I think you can see he is living like a King!!!
Simon and Archie
Simon and Archie were recently homed and we are so pleased they seem to have settled in perfectly.
The Trio
In June last year we had to have our beloved cat Buttons put down the day after her 18 birthday.  She had been with us since she was a kitten, together with her sister Taggie, who had died 2 years earlier.  We have had cats for the last 24 years and the house seemed so empty, despite having two teenage children.  I hated the empty bed on top of the boiler in the kitchen, I tried putting it away but that was just as bad.  So I filled it with cuddly toy cats and kittens – of which we have plenty!  I hadn’t realised how much I talked to Buttons, I hated being at home and coming back to an empty house.
We were desperate to adopt another cat or maybe two but had to wait until August when we were back from our holidays as we felt there wouldn’t be enough time for them to settle before we went away.  We looked at all the websites and a couple of rescue centres and there were loads of cats and kittens.
We decided to home two kittens as our children had only lived with adult cats and knew they would love the experience.  So when we returned from our holiday we looked in earnest, but where had all the kittens gone?  We tried several branches of Cats Protection and the RSPCA but they either didn’t have two, or no boys (Tim wanted a boy) or didn’t return our calls.  I rang round many local vets and was eventually given a number for Stray Cat Rescue.
Cheryl was so helpful from the start and I took the children to view a black and white tom (Sonic now Top Cat) and a white with tortoiseshell dots girl (Bayley now Bailiee), both about 10 weeks old.
 Needless to say we fell in love with them immediately!  They were so tiny and we felt so nervous as they seemed so fragile compared to Buttons.  They were very confident and playful. Cheryl also had another little black and white kitten, Belle, who was so cute.  I picked her up and cuddled her and she fell asleep in my arms.
 I’m sure you can guess the result.  Yes, we took all three, we couldn’t bear to leave little Belle on her own without her two friends that she had grown so close to and who looked after her. Top Cat and Bailiee had come from a loving home but Belle had not been so lucky and Cheryl had worked hard to get her fit and healthy.
We couldn’t home them immediately as we were off on a camping trip for a few days and arranged to pick them up the day after our return.  The trip was a disaster due to torrential rain and near hurricane winds which wrecked our tent.  We weren’t disappointed to leave early though as that meant we could pick up our new babies a day earlier than planned.
They made themselves at home as soon as we opened the cat basket and our house felt like a home again!  They have been with us for over 6 months now and we have loved (nearly!) every minute of it.  They are little monsters, I cannot believe how much mischief they get up to.  We don’t regret having all three of them but it has definitely been triple trouble.  Top Cat likes to scratch the wallpaper and Belle rips it off with her teeth!  Belle also chews and rips any piece of paper she can find, luckily no homework – yet!  Top Cat chews plastic bags and has run off with my packed lunch and items from the shopping several times. They all like to sit on the shoe rack and knock all the shoes on the floor. Various items disappear and turn up in the strangest of places e.g. the washing up sponge ended up in the cat bed, were they using it as a pillow?  Top Cat used to climb on the washing airer and pull all the washing off.  The worst they have done is to somehow turn the grill on in the night!  Luckily we have an electric cooker so not as dangerous as gas.  Now I have to remember to turn off everything before I go out or go to bed.  We had only had black cats before and never really noticed fur on our clothes, but we now notice white fluff everywhere!  Then there’s the food and vets bills – but you can’t put a price on all the love and happiness they give us.
Despite all their naughtiness we all love them dearly.  Top Cat is Tim’s cat, Bailiee belongs to Emily and Belle is my baby.  But my husband Roger shares them all and can often be seen in the evenings surrounded by them, one under his feet, one on his lap and another by his side.  He lets them get away with murder!  Talking of which we have only had one dead animal so far.  Top Cat brought in a blackbird the other day – the first of many I expect.   We don’t regret having all three of them, they are such good friends and frequently groom each other.  They are such gorgeous bundles of fluff.  Top Cat loves Tim and talks to him and Roger very loudly.  Bailiee is also very chatty and loves everyone, especially Emily.  Belle is still our baby, but a very tubby one, weighs nearly a kilo more than the other two. She loves everyone and you can still pick her up, cuddle her and she’ll fall asleep in your arms.
Cheryl is so wonderful with all the kittens in her care.  She gives them so much love and attention and I know she misses them dreadfully when they leave.  Even if they have had a bad start to their little lives she manages restore their health and confidence.  Through our love of cats and kittens we have now become great friends and spend fortunes texting stories and photos of moggies.
BelleBailieeI have just helped home two more to a good friend who lives in my village.  My sister has just had to have her cat Kirsty put down.  She was the sister to our Buttons and Taggie and was nearly 19.  My sister has had cats for the last 30 years but her husband says “no more cats”.  I’ll talk him round, if not he’ll come home one day and find one or two already there!
Ben and Billy
We were lucky enough to rehome Ben & Billy in late November last year.  Both are black & whites - Ben being about 3 years old, and Billy being just a baby.  Chaos ruled when we got home - Ben (who we knew was a rather nervous boy) spent the 1st 3 days under the settee in the conservatory - and Billy just looked for trouble to get into - he climbed curtains, he swung off blinds, he tried to get into places he really shouldn't (fridge, washing machine), he walked down banisters.....and at Christmas, climbed the tree!  When Ben came out, we knew we'd turned a corner....ok, so if the doorbell rang, he ran away & hid, but he was slowly getting braver.
Seven months on we can't imagine life without them.  Ben has mellowed rather, and although still a little wary, loves fuss & cuddles & doesn't run away unless something like a loud noise or sudden movement really spooks him- he is 'gentle Ben', sleeps on the beds, and sometimes sits on the top of doors (he seems to like being high up inside)   Billy, on the other hand, is a proper little sod. He tries to rule the roost.  If there's trouble anywhere- he will be in the thick of it.  He's a brilliant mouser, and loves climbing - he's even been to the top of the roof - he sits on the ridge tiles & chatters to the birds on the chimney - who look most confused.
The pics are Billy (looking for mice) Ben (he likes the plantpot) and Billy again, looking rather pathetic after an adventure went wrong - he had a badly cut paw & had 9 stitches...but he's back to normal now!
many thanks, we love them lots!
Hello, We got this very affectionate female cat from your rescue center about 6 months ago. She didn't have a name, so we named her Raty. She is ubelievably affectionate to the point that we've never seen her show any signs of annoyement, like shaking her tail, hissing, scratching or biting. She's got quite a personality though as she knows what she likes in terms of food and rapidely turned out to be a real killing machine, brining mice or birds home on a regular basis, sometimes serveral times a day ... I guess that's what cats are supposed to do. After half a day inspecting the house, Raty clearly liked it and is now entirely part of our family. She's really good with our 1.5 year old son who doesn't hesitate to cover her with a cloth and lay his head on her ... and she still goes and rubs herself on his legs a few minutes later. I've attached a picture from earlier this summer.

Several weeks ago we decided that we'd look for another feline companion.  We came across Stray Cat Rescue.  On visiting their premises, we were discussing the cats whilst this handsome black and white boy was wrapping himself around our legs and smothering us with kisses!  He so wanted a home so badly, and so home he came!  Whilst in care he was called Andre but we have renamed him Mario, he likes his new name and responds to it well, especially when the children call him 'Super Mario'!!  

On arrival at his new home, Mario came out of his carrier quite happily.  He did spend the first night behind the sofa but hasn't looked back since.  He is such a loving cat, just like a teddy bear.  His nature is fabulous, so soft and sweet and he absolutely loves to be handled… he washes himself continually, loves his toes being tickled and even enjoys his visits to the vet!  He loves people and is great with our young children.  He had been in care for about 6 months, but he used the litter tray straight away and enjoys the home, it's as though he was always meant to be here.  He even tries to get under the duvet at night for snuggles!   He is now going outside and enjoying exploring. His paws became a little sore to start with as he wasn't used to being outside, but they have healed up nicely now. He comes home when we call him and has got to know his new neighbourhood very well indeed, he has made friends with the big ginger cat who lives next door and they can regularly be found sunbathing together!
We have an older female cat too who 'tolerates' him but we're sure she secretly loves him as she has been showing him how to use the cat flap  ; )  They are such a great pair, both black and white, the only noticeable difference is that Mario has a pink nose and Stripes has a black one.
We are so delighted with Mario, he immediately became a valuable member of our family and we are grateful to Stray Cat Rescue for their help and support.  We will continue to recommend them to people interested in adopting a cat.
Hello,We adopted Layla our beautiful black kitten a couple of weeks ago and she has settled right in. Layla has made friends with our big Black Labrador Alfie and is now bossing him about! Alfie knows who is boss! We also have got Harry which we got a week ago and he is a delight to our family although he was shy at first and a bit scared of everyone he has now come out of his shell and is playing with all his toys! Layla was sooooooooo pleased to see him and licked him all over. They both snuggle up together and are best friends. A big thank you to Vicky for all of the hard work she has done and has now the kittens have completed our family. They are a joy to have!
Milo and Simba 
We fell in love with Milo and Simba  on 23rd September 2011, they were found in a bin abandoned by their mum.
They are now 12 weeks old, and they are so cute and cuddly! Very healthy, lively loving kittens. They meow and meow so loudly when they want their dinner! And sleep most of the day, but when they want to play, they  don't half play! We can tell them apart, by the fact Milo has one patch on his left eye, and Simba has almost asymmetric patches on his face. They are very happy, and have settled in so well! It only took them a day or two, and they were climbing up our legs! We keep them downstairs in the kitchen when we go to sleep, and they don't whine at all! Not even on the first night, I think it definitely helped getting two! They play fight constantly, and always snuggle up to each other when they get sleepy, and if they get bored they have each other. Quite a lot of the time, one will be sleeping, and the other one will put his arm round him, and they will both lie there happily! We couldn't imagine life without our little kittens now, thank you Stray Cat Rescue, we strongly recommend them to those looking to adopt a cat/kitten.
If you have adopted a cat through Stray Cat Rescue and they are now living like a King we would love to know about it please email:
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