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Here at Stray Cat Rescue any cat in our care that finds a loving home through our re homing scheme is a success story. Here you can find a monthly list of just a few of our four legged friends who are in urgent need of a loving home. Don't forget to check the still waiting page for more cats seeking homes.
Name: Genna, Sex: Female, Age: 4 approx, Colour: Black, Neutered: Yes
Genna has been with Stray Cat Rescue for over a year. She is a very friendly cat. We think she is overlooked because she is all black and has a wonky ear. She had a lump removed from her ear which left it slightly wonky but she is in very good health. Genna doesn't like other cats and would blossom in a loving home where she can be the centre of attention. We really hope to find Genna finds a loving home soon. We often find all black cats and black and white cats are harder to re home just because people prefer the gingers, tabbyes, torties, all white and grey cats which is a real shame as every cat has a unique and wonderful personality and all cats really do blossom when they are placed in a loving home. Genna is also featured on are STILL WAITING page.
Name: Mr Fatty - black and white male. Sola - black female and Sonnet a black female, Tamzin - black female and Terry - black male with a few white hairs on his chest. Sex: Male and Female, Age: all 2 years old from the same litter. Colour: black and white and all black, Neutered: all - Yes
These five cats are extremely lovable and are all brothers and sisters and have been at the shelter since they were rescued as kittens. They are incredibly close and huddle constantly, they share one huge litter tray and food bowls and never hiss at one another like most territorial cats do.
We would like to see these cats kept together however we understand the likelihood of an individual taking all five cats very slim so we feel they would be fine to go in a group of three and a group of two. Group one - Mr Fatty, Sola and Sonnet and group two Tamzin and Terry.
Both groups require a special home because these cats have been at the shelter since they were kittens they know nothing about the outside world and so we want them to go to a quiet country home. They wouldn't be great to go near busy roads in town locations.The ideal home would have older children no other pets and be quite a quiet peaceful home as it may take a while for them to settle in. Group one consisting of the three cats are slightly more confident and Mr Fatty in particular is always rolling on his back showing off his large belly for a fuss.
Group two consisting of the two cats are slightly more timid and Terry doesn't like to be picked up although we feel that in the right home given a little patience these adorable cats will come out of their shell. We are keen to find them a home as they have been at the shelter the longest and are just waiting for that special someone. They are also featured on are STILL WAITING page. If you require more information about these cats please don't hesitate to call we understand the commitment involved and we appreciate that the decision is not always an easy one.
Name: Aqua, Sex: Female, Age: 5 years, Colour: Silver tabby, Neutered: Yes
Aqua is a very friendly cat with a loving calm nature. Aqua has a beautiful long coat and would require regular brushing. She would suit most families and would prefer to be the only cat.
Name: Mia and Pretzal, Sex: Female and Male, Age: 2 years approx, Colour: Mia is black and white and Pretzel is tabby. Neutered: Yes
Mia and Pretzel were born on a disused building site and have been in the care of a fosterer of Stray Cat Rescue. Mia has partial hearing loss although it doesnt seem to affect her much as she plays in the garden happily with her brother. Pretzel is a very nervous little cat although he has come on a lot. He purrs very loudly and so we think in time and the right home he will become more trusting. We would like these two to go as a pair.
Name: Fluff, Sex: female, Age: 18 months, Colour: tabby, Neutered: Yes
Fluff is a very affectionate cat who would suit all families and would be fine with most other cats. her long haired coat would require grooming on a regular basis.
Name: Kirsty, Sex: female, Age: unsure, Colour: Black and white, Neutered: Yes
Kirsty is a very affectionate vocal cat who would suit all families and would prefer to be the only cat.
Name: Misty, Sex: Female, Age: 2 years, Colour: Black, Neutered: Yes
Misty is a very friendly cat who enjoys affection. Misty would suit all families.
Name: Kiki, Sex: Female, Age: 1 year, Colour: Black and white, Neutered: Yes
This pretty cat is very loving and very curious and playful. She would suit most families but would prefer to be the only cat.
Name: Suzie and Sophie, Sex: Female, Age: 6 years, Colour: Tortie and white, Neutered: Yes
Suzie and Sophie are to be homed together, they are very friendly and have come from a good home.
Name: Cheeky, Sex: Female, Age: quite young, Colour: black and white, Neutered: Yes
Cheeky is a very affectionate friendly cat.
Name: Ging, Sex: Male, Age: quite young, Colour: ginger, Neutered: Yes
Ging is a lovely friendly cat with a beautifull light ginger coat. He would be fine in a home with small children.
Name: Pushy, Sex: male, Age: unsure, Colour: Black and white, Neutered: Yes
Pushy was a little timid when he first came in as a stray but he is gradually gaining confidence and we are sure in a home he would come out of his shell. He is a large cat and he likes his food and he would be fine with all families.
Name: Tizzy, Sex: female, Age: 5 years, Colour: Tabby and white, Neutered: Yes
Tizzy is slightly shy although he enjoys being fussed and is gaining confidence. He would settle into all homes and be fine with small children.
Name: Raley and Flip, Sex: both female, Age: 11 years, Colour: Black, Neutered: Yes
Raley and Flip  are two sisters and are to stay together. They are extremely friendly and very vocal with loud purrs. They would suit all families and be fine with small children.
Name: Georgie, Sex: male, Age: 1 year, Colour: tabby and white, Neutered: Yes
Georgie is a very affectionate cat who would suit all families. He is quite outgoing and would benefit from a home with a garden.
Name: Howard, Sex: male, Age: unsure, Colour: Black, Neutered: Yes
Howard is quite a calm cat who enjoys a fuss. He has a beautiful long haired coat and would benefit from regular grooming. He would be fine in families with small children.
Name: Marley, Sex: female, Age: 10 years, Colour: tortie, Neutered: Yes
Marley is a very loving cat and would suit all families.
Name: Aerial, Sex: female, Age: unsure (younger), Colour: Black and white, Neutered: Yes
Aerial is very friendly although a little timid. She enjoys a fuss and would be fine in all families.
If you are interested in rehoming any of the Cats featured on this page please contact:
Stray Cat Rescue
Tel: 01525 875993
If you are interested in rehoming Mia and Pretzel or Dylan and Ruby feautured on this page please contact:
Cheryl Jamieson/kitten fosterer of Stray Cat Rescue
Tel:  01582 881436
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