About Us

Stray cats have often had a very difficult life. They have to survive hunger, harsh weather, pregnancy, disease and injury. Abandoned cats have their whole world turned upside down when they go from a loving home to a shelter. Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these cats.

Stray Cat Rescue was formed in December of 2002 with the aim of rehoming and caring for lost, stray and abandoned cats. We are a small group based in South Bedfordshire, UK and cover Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas. We have a policy to ensure that no cat in our care is put down except in extreme cases of illness or injury, with veterinary advice.
The group was originally formed by people who had been involved with other animal charity work and who shared a like minded interest in cat welfare. Many of the members involved have a wealth of experience built up over many years dealing with a wide variety of animals. All the members are volunteers and the group relies on the fundraising skills of our hard working fundraising team as well as donations from members of the public. Information on upcoming events are available on the Upcoming Events page.
Our activities often require the services of the local veterinary practices and their support is invaluable in caring for cats with sometimes complex medical problems. Over the years members have built up a close working relationship with the vets and we hope to retain this working relationship as the group grows.
We are delighted and honoured to have Simon Tofield as our Patron. Simon is the author of the best selling "Simon's Cat" and he has over 25 million fans on Youtube. He has won a number of awards. Most recently in August 2012. Simon's Cat was given the award for UK's Favourite Celebrity Cat at the National Cat Awards by Cats Protection UK. Simon has four cats, of which Teddy and Maisy come from Stray Cat Rescue. Thank you Simon for supporting us, and we wish you every success for the future.

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